Insurance Process

Swift & Acurate First Time



Our estimator will create the repair assessment using a system called Audatex.  We will attach all the details and the images we obtained in the estimating process. This assessment will give us the cost to repair your vehicle. This will then be sent internally to your insurance company. This will be completed within 24 hours of your vehicle arriving on site/estimate appointment


Authority Request & Approval

Unfortunately, this is where delays can occur and is outside our control. If everything is in good order we can have the authority back in hours. Sometimes, insurance companies can opt to send their external engineers to view the damage. That can take up to 10 days to visually inspect your vehicle. If a delay arises that we are aware of we will contact you immediately.
Once we obtain a repair authority from your insurance company, we will make contact with yourself and arrange a booking-in date if your vehicle is not on site with us already.



Once we have obtained authority from the insurance company. This enables us to order the parts required for the repair of your vehicle. If there are no parts required we aim to start the repair within 24 hours of receiving the authority issued.



Repairs to your vehicle will be completed to the highest standards in the industry. The time scale of the length of repairs would have been relayed to you once we obtained the authority. Throughout the panel shop and paint shop, processes are meticulously quality controlled by our senior qualified technicians.



Once the vehcles paintwork has been polished, your vehicle is handed over to our expert team of valeters. We ensure that the vehicle is returned to you cleaner than it arrived with the interior, exterior, glasswork and tyres cleaned.


Final Quality Control

"Treat every car as if it was your own" This is Oliver, the bodyshops manager ethos that is instilled throughout the workshop force. Upon completion of repairs, The bodyshop manager goes through an extensive checklist to ensure your vehicle comes back to you the way it should.



After the final quality control our office team will contact you to let your know your vehicle is complete and arrange logistics to get the vehicle back to you or arrange a time for you to come and collect your vehicle.